Game Booster 3.4 free download

Game Booster 3.4 DownloadGame Booster 3.4 

Game Booster is tweaking PC software that enables you to optimize your system for better gaming, even on old PC hardware. In addition to standard tweaks, Game Booster also provides the option of shutting down unnecessary and inefficient system background services, cleaning RAM from unused data, and optimizing CPU performance. 

This powerful utility was created to take every remaining system resource in your hardware and dedicate it for boosting of game performance. Game Booster is compatible with all forms of anti-cheating software such as PunkBuster, Cheating-Death, VAC, making it a “must have” for all users who play video games on regular basis. 

Key Benefits in Game Booster:

1-Click Boosting Game Performance
Game Booster 3 can easily and fast close background processes and unnecessary Windows services, to speed up you game playing and avoid possible conflicts and incompatibility. With the innovative "Enhanced 3rd parties' services detection" technology, Game Booster v3 can automatically detect and close more unnecessary background services.

Defragments Game Files
With the improved defragment engine, Game Booster 3 can quickly defragment game directories and files, to make your games load and run faster than ever.

Tweak System for Top PC Performance
Game Booster 3 can tweak your PC for the ultimate system and Internet speed with a single click.

New "Diagnose" function is now available
Game Booster 3 now can analyze and generate a report which shows the weakness of your system that can effect your gaming experience, then you can export it and send it to online forum where experts can provide you the best solutions for a better gaming performance.

New "Boost" features
Now you can edit your own "Blacklist" and "Whitelist" in Game Booster 3. Meanwhile, Game Booster 3 can also set the priority of the processes automatically if you check the option of "Lower process priority".

Added "Game Desktop"
Through some special technical methods, Game Booster 3 now is able to provide you a pure "gaming environment" that if you run games via GameBox, you don't see desktop and taskbar anymore.

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