Algebrator 4.2 [MATH] - Portable

Algebrator 4.2 [MATH] - Portable

Algebrator is one of the most powerful algebra software programs ever developed. It will tackle the hardest algebra problems you throw at it. And it can show every step to every answer, effectively serving as an automated tutor for Algebra students at every level.

Students utilize Algebrator to supplement in-classroom learning, as well as assist them with rapidly completing their Algebra assignments.
Teachers use Algebrator to assist in the rapid creation of lessons and sample problems/solutions, as well as a supplemental, automated teaching assistant for students.

Professionals who need to solve Algebra problems use it in their place of work. Whether \"math-challenged\" or simply looking for productivtiy improvements by solving Algebraic equations quickly and completely, Algebrator is a great \"Math Assistant\" for the working professional!


Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista


1) Run \"Algebrator.exe\"

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