X-Man First Class The Official Game Pc Game Full Verion Free Download

X-Man First Class The Official Game Pc Game Full Verion Free Download

X-Men The Official Game is an action game based on in on the  movie X man. X- man the official game is free to download from techiee9.blogspot.in The movie licensed this game that claims another victim in X-Men The Official Game. Its story mode depend upon stories of the previous films, X-Men is a excellent game having some new shooting mode in it that take it into customer hand along with the film. It is entirely a mind game that gives you better gaming mode than before.
The X-Men are back! Well a select few of them, anyway.
This game follows the concepts of the X-Men movies, but its main focus relays on three heroes: Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Iceman. Unfortunately, the remaining cast of the film was not taken for the game.
In the gamin mode, early on in the game, with all three characters used in the game you will came to know about game methods and how to play. Next mission is a return to Alkali Lake (showing end of the second mission at the site of Jean Grey's tragic demise) in order to recapture all the equipments of the Cerebro machine which was taken by General Stryker. In the game player will start as Nightcrawler, and later on he/she will be given the option to play as Wolverine or Nightcrawler for another part of the game. Once you will choose any character you will be bound to play with that character for next mission until you are not asked to change the character. Iceman will appear and available to you after a long part of the game. Its story mode is just awesome X-man will going to tell you every part of the game and it will become more and more difficult as game moves on. X- man the official game is free to download from techiee9.blogspot.com. While player playing as Wolverine or Nightcrawler, He/she is beating up a lot of enemies. Sometimes in the game player need to find a control panel to open a door, and there will be some plat forming elements with the Nightcrawler payer will be fighting enemies with guns, electric sticks, electric spears, bazookas, or the occasional mutant power. This game have number of moments that make can make anyone wonder as this game really spent in development. Boss fights in the game seems to be very poor.  The basic character models of all the three characters and other animations of the game are nicely detailed according to environment. There are five home system versions of X-Men currently available, on the Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube, PC, and Xbox 360.  The first four versions can be comparable to one another, but the Xbox version is the best of all.
X-Men The Official Game is best movie game to be made in x-man series. . You'd have to go all the way back to 2002 for something like X-Men Next Dimension to find a difference of  X-Men The Official Game, and with other versions.
System Requirment:
Processor= 1.0GHz
RAM= 256MB
Video Memory= 64MB
Size= 183MB

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How to download:
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1. Download all parts ( click on download and then save file on you computer).
2. Extract all parts in one folder
3. After extraction install and enjoy the game!!!

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