Audio and Video File locker - Password Protect Video Master 7.2

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Audio and Video File locker - Password Protect Video Master 7.2  for windows 8 / windows 7 / vista / xp

We often want to lock our audio and video files to protect it from other & we often thinks how to lock audio and video files in a locker
Today I am going to share a very handy and amazing software with you. You have always heard about security softwares by which you can lock your folders and can secure them with password.
But as you know, our team always wanted to give something very different to their readers.
So this software is also something different.Through this software you can not only lock your folders but you can also lock and put password on your selected audio and video files.
Besides putting password on your audio and video files, this software has a king feature through which you can put password on a file after it is played for a while.
For instance, you have a video file of 10 minutes. So with the help of this software, you can allow users to show video for 30 seconds and then it will ask to enter password.
So it will protect your audio and video files on one hand, while on other, it is undetectable on the forst go because sometimes it seems very awkward when your family members comes to know that you wants to lock or hide this folder. Obviously there's something wrong in these folders :-p
I try this on window 7 & it works may be it works well on other windows versions -  windows 8 / windows 7 / vista / xp

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Note: Plz uncheck "Download with Tushfiles accelerator " before downloading.

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