How to Disable Metro UI in Windows 8 / 8.1 / Windows blue

Trick on How to Disable Metro UI in Windows 8 / 8.1 / Windows blue

Windows 8 users blame Microsoft for the insufficient performance of this operating system. The insufficiency of this OS has roots in two different user interfaces that run side by side. In this regard, the breakthrough user interface, Metro UI, has not inspired many people and the most of us want to get rid of it. Recently several bloggers have shared tips on how to remove the Metro UI from Windows 8. However, the most of them, when acted upon, destabilize the Windows 8 and make the Windows 8 experience even worst.

The methods of changing registry values for removal of Metro UI are not reliable since they cause more harm to system, make it unstable. That’s why evaluated all shared tips to provide the safest method for removal of Metro UI to readers. The best feature of our method is that changes are completely reversible if Windows 8 becomes problematic after removal of the Metro UI.

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A classical Windows 7 style interface lies beneath the Windows 8 Style/Metro UI. Let us now talk about the safest method to get this interface on Windows 8. Mainly, this is a seven-step strategy.

1 After system starts, Start + R command will open Run menu.
2 Type “regedit” in Run window and press enter. A list will appear in front of you.
3 Reach “HKEY_LOCAL_MACCHINE” and double click; the folder will be expanded.
4  Find “SOFTWARE” in the list and double click.
4 Now open “Microsoft” in the list appeared through “regedit” search in Run menu.
5 Next, find Windows open it and click on CurrentVersion then click on Explorer. You will see some registry entries appearing at the right side of your screen
6 Fine the registry named “RPenabled” and click on it. Now change the value from “1” to “0”. This will reveal the Classical Windows 7 start menu.
7 After this, if Windows 8 becomes destabilized then you will only need to change value of “RPenabled” from “0” to “1”, at the end of first six steps.

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