How to Send facebook friend request while it is blocked

Why you are blocked from sending friend requests again and again. As you know facebook is first postion social network site. It is under top 10 site in the world. and facebook rank in the world is No. 2 after that google.-Facebook have changed it security policy and make many changes  to secure the user from unknow person. If you send Request to some Unknow person you will be blocked  for  7 day ,14 day , 30 day may be Permanently. Here is trick to send facebook friend request when it is blocked. As you know sometimes they block for 15 or 30 days this will be too difficult.   So to get rid of this problem follow the tricks as given below by to send friend request even when you are blocked.

  • First login to Facebook 
  • Go here  
  • When this link open properly you will need to find add friends via email (its a emails based friend request you need email address of these person ). 

Here you get a contact list from your email friend. If you need to make your own contact list (means if you know the email of your friend you wish to send request) just follow  these techiee9 's steps :

  • Open you notpad 
  • Add all the email addressess you want to send friends Request Remember between the e-mails just put comma’s (,) 
  • After that you save this file any name with extension .vcf  
  • Now  you have made your own contact file 
  • Now you can upload it here    

 Enjoy, share this post & Stay tuned............

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