Thinking how to install Borland Turbo c / c++ on windows 7 & windows 8 in full screen mode

Thinking how to install Borland Turbo C / C++  on windows 7 & windows 8

Follow the below steps to install  Borland Turbo c++  on windows 7 & windows 8 .

  • Download Borland Turbo c++ from this link ( Borland Turbo c++ ). 
  • Download Dosbox from this link ( Dosbox download ).
  • Install Dosbox.
  • Extract the file TurboC on a simple drive( other than your Windows drive).
  • Copy all the Content of "TurboC" folder in a new folder "tc" or rename "TurboC" with "tc".
  • Run Dosbox from start menu or from the desktop shortcut, this will load DOS emulator and prompt will display Z:\>
  • Now type the following command    mount c: e:\   (where e  is the drive where tc is placed).  
              You would get a message that drive c is mounted as local directory c:\turbo
  • Now Type following commands
              cd tc
  • When prompted for the source drive, select C instead of A
  • Start installation by selecting Start installation and leave the installation path to C:\TC.
  • Turbo c /c++ will be installed on your pc.

More Steps

If you want to run automatically Turbo c /c++ in full screen mode follow the following below steps:

  • Go to start menu 
    All Progrmas->
    DOSBox 0.74 Options"
  • A DOSBox 0.74.conf file will open. Replace the default settings with the following settings

  • Scroll down to the bottom and type following lines after [autoexec]
    mount c c:\turbo
    cd tc/bin


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