Top 10 URL Shortening Services That Pays To Short URLs

Check the top 10 sites online to make passive income by Shortening the URLs. Find top URL shorten sites

You might be aware of the URL Shortener and in no times hundreds of sites are providing shortening of URL services. These make sense because it’s hard to remember the long URL, infact it’s not easy to remember the short URL as well but it’s very commonly used as a measured of safety.

Top 7 URL Shortening Services That Pays To Short URLs

ADF.LY is a popular URL shortening service that also pays. It pays monthly if a user has earned more than $5 and payment has been made via Paypal.

LinkBucks is another trusted and popular URL shortening service that pays for sharing the short urls. It was launched back in 2005 and since then it has been working with thousands of advertisers and publishers.

CoinURL is another similar kind of service that pays users for their short URLs. Like other service, it also serve ads while clicking on short URLs and pays on CPM basis. It also pays via Paypal. is another similar kind of URL shortening service that pays when a visitor clicks on URL short URLs. It pays upto $0.5 to $5 for per 1000 visitors. It pays monthly if earned more than $10. is another similar kind of URL shortening service that comes with lot more earning methods. One can earn up to $5.50 CPM that is higher than any other available URL shortening services. Users also also allowed to upload their own images and own voice and share it with short URLs.

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 Themes / Theme pack For Windows 8 / 7 works similar to Linkbucks or Just short URLs and share with friends. It pays up to $5 per 100 visitors. It pays via Paypal if you have earned $5 in a month. is also a similar kind of service. Like other services it also pays for clicks on short URLs. It also has a referral program to earn more. It has minimum payout threshold $20 and pays via Paypal.
A clone of providing users to generate a part of their income by shortening the links. They pay a maximum of $ 3 if your all visitors are from United States and for worldwide visitors based on a single visit/per day you get $1. 
Another clone of with same theme.  You get $ 4 per 1,000 visitors that you bring with the shortened URL. They provide real time revenue reports and by referring users you can make 10 % of their lifetime earnings. Minimum payout is $ 5 via PayPal and have different tools from URL Shrinking.
The site says you can make serious money with URL Shortening services. You get the highest 25 % referral commission of their lifetime earnings. They give you up to $0.10 per international traffic and $0.50 for the US traffic.

There are many other similar kind of URL Shorteners services are available but I am listing only top 7 that really pays. I have seen the payments from these URL shortening services. I will also use few more to check others. If you know more similar kind of service, you can share it with us via comments. I will surely add it in our listing.

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