5 Best WhatsApp Tricks For You

 Best 5 WhatsApp Tricks For You
With having more than 200 million active users, WhatsApp is really one most amazing and effective cross platform messenger today. In addition to Live Chat, WhatsApp is coming with several mesmerizing features such as sharing multimedia files and other data with which this application is pulling a large number of Smartphone users. In fact, it has more users than Facebook and Twitter, according to a recent survey. Apart from doing some well-known and most sought-after tasks, there are some other tactics you can try in WhatsApp but you may not know

How to Download / Install / Run WhatsApp on PC / Laptop

WhatsApp Tricks

Untold WhatsApp Tricks
1.    Last Seen Timestamp can be hidden: Majority of Smartphone users don’t like to see ‘Last Seen Timestamp’ on their timeline. Though iOS users can hide timestamp on their Apple devices by going through advanced settings, this feature was not available in Android phones till today. Now you can hide these notifications in your Android phone.

2.    Auto Image Download Can Be Disabled: Sharing files seems very amazing these days. But images are automatically downloaded in your device from the latest version of WhatsApp even if you don’t want. And it doesn’t have any option to disable it. Due to this reason, data of large amount can be consumed. Now a hack is available with which you can disable the auto image download in new WhatsApp version.

3.    Spy on WhatsApp Account of Someone Else: Even though WhatsApp is very much secured messenger app but it still has a little loophole which lets you spy on WhatsApp account of your friend directly from your own phone. Each WhatsApp account has given a separate Media Access Control (MAC) address. If any of your friends change their device their MAC address will also be changed. Hence, they will be prompted to verify their account again in WhatsApp. It means one cannot use two or more devices to access single WhatsApp messaging account. But there are still some amazing ways to access WhatsApp account of your friends and have a close look on what they are doing.

How to Download / Install / Run WhatsApp on PC / Laptop

4.    Create Fake Conversation on WhatsApp: Have you ever imagined you can create fake conversation on WhatsApp that never made? So, sit back and relax and think to come out with your naughty side. You can make your own conversations in WhatsApp and prank all your buddies by sharing it to them and check out how they react by seeing it.

5.    Sharing APK, PDF and ZIP Files: More often than not, all of us get stick in some circumstances where we are required to share ZIP, APK or PDF files on this messenger. Later on, you realize that you don’t have provision in this application for sharing such types of files. Don’t worry! You can share them with some tactics.

6.    Extend Free Subscription for up to 2022: Whether you are using Blackberry, Android, Windows, or Symbian, you can use WhatsApp only for one year. Afterwards, you can use this application by paying $0.99. But you can extend the period easily and quickly.

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