Google to announce Android 6.0 'M' Release Date at Google I/O 2015: Will GoogleName its New Software as Milkshake or Milky Bar?


Android 6.0 'M' Not Far Away, Google to announce  Android 6.0 'M' Release Date at Google I/O 2015.

Each year Google comes around with a brand new version of its Android operating system, and each time there's always something newon offer from each version. Android M could be the next big step forward for Google The Android Lollipop released last year, and the Android KitKat released prior to that would vouch for it. However, no sooner was the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop unveiled to the world, all experts started making assumptions regarding the next versionof Android and the kind of changes and features we might get to see. The fact, however, is that more than half of the smartphones are indeed yet to get the latest Lollipop. We have absolutely no idea as to what the major changes will befor the futuristic Android version 6.0, aside the fact that we don't even know what it will becalled (M for Milkshake?). However, going by the changes inthe latest version of Android, here are a few changes that users could expect fromthe version. 

According to reports that have been doingthe rounds for months, release date of Google's new software Android6.0 'M' should fall later this year, perhaps inthe monthof October or Novemberand come running inthe next Nexus device. The search engine giant may provide moreinformation on Android6.0 or at least give somehint at its upcoming annual conference Google I/O 2015.
Itmay bementionedthat Google hasn't made official announcement on its nextversion of Android, but many have goneahead by claiming that the nextiteration should start with "M" after"L"for Lollipop.
What does the word"M" stand for?
Googlehas the tradition of naming its software aftersweets, the latest being Lollipop, so its upcoming firmwareis also expected to follow the same path. Goingby the reports on the firmwarethat have surfaced so far, "M" could stand for Muffin, Milkshake, Milky Bar, Mud Cake and the likes.

Beefed-up Security for All Phones Sure, the latest Android Lollipop 5.1 update is effectively addressing issues related to smartphone security, but things could only get betterfor Google's operating system goingforward. There's now the improved Device Protection where your lost or stolen devicewill remain locked until you sign inwith your Googleaccount, but major security buffswill surely look for the inclusion of a killswitch into their smartphones. Incase you didn't know, the killswitch has been single-handedly responsible for bringing downsmartphone theft rates inthe US.

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