NEW Google Photos is now live on Mobile and Desktop

It has been long rumoured that Google will seprate Photos from Google+, and the day has finally come.
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 Today (or tomorrow, depending on when you’re reading this), Google announced “Photos” as a separate application. Although, there’s one thing that really doesn’t make sense is the previous integration with Photos in Google Drive. You do get options whether to store photos in Drive or with Photos, but since Photos is unlimited, I don’t know why anyone would click Drive.

Anyway, let’s check out the new features available in Google Photos:
For one, the “Unlimited Storage at 2048 x 2048″ is now gone- it’s now Unlimited Storage no matter the size which is a huge bonus. EDIT- Due to further clarification it is now clear that this is only for photos up to 16MP (so not really for any size, but it’s still a remarked improvement, few phones even take photos that are 16 MP).
Another cool feature is the awesome Search feature- allowing you to search for various things, ranging from objects like “dogs” to actual people and even colours.

Searching for ‘Mountains’ seems to be pretty accurate, bringing up wallpapers with just that.

This is what happens when you click on one of the collections you’ve shared or created. You can rename, organise etc…

Searching for ‘Android’ brings up some random GIFs, as you can see it hasn’t been perfected yet.

Since this is our “work” account, there weren’t any “Assistant” (previously known as Auto Awesome) created movies or anything

As you can see from this gallery, the experience can be quite hit or miss, like searching for Android brings up a lot of random things. But overall, it’s a pretty good experience.

You can check it out by accessing Google Photos at: on Desktop, or install the app by clicking here. Be sure to follow us on Google Plus by clicking here to get all of the latest and greatest IO news.

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