Install Android M Launcher Apk On Any Android Device [No Root Needed][Guide]

Android M Launcher/ Android 6.0 Launcher Apk On Any Device.
Among the many improvements in Android M is a revamped app drawer that sorts apps alphabetically, keeps a convenient Favorites list dynamically updated, changes horizontal scrolling to vertical, and looks great in white! There’s a very easy way for those who want it to get it, and you don’t have to root, or buy a Nexus phone and go through the hoops of installing the Android M Developer preview…
Now you can Install Android M Launcher on your device in just 3 Simple Steps.
Install The Latest Google Now Launcher
Download the latest version from the link given at the end and install the apk.

After Installing ,Android will prompt you to choose a default launcher. Select Google Now Launcher, and tap Always.
Install The Velvet Google App (taken directly from Android M Develepor Preview)
Now you got through the first part, now here comes the second ! Download the Velvet Google App apk file .Links to the file can be found at the end of the guide.
After that install the velvet google app apk.
Cleaning The Cache Of Google App
Next step,
  1. Go to the Settings > Apps.
  2. Once there,find Google Now Launcher and tap on it, and tap Clear cache.
  3. Do the same for the Google App, and you’re golden!
Now press the home Button and enjoy Android M Launcher.
If you don’t like the new look, just uninstall the Google Now Launcher and you will have your old look back.

Download Links
Google Now Launcher Apk (11.8 mb) | Mirrors
Velvet Google App Apk (29.3 mb) | Mirrors

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