Gmail New Feature Multi Forward: Forward Emails in Bulk.

Gmail never backs off while giving the best features for the users. With the recently launched Undo send option, gmail also solved many problems people face while sending the wrong emails. Now gmail moved a step further and launched a new feature which provides an option to forward all the emails in a bulk.

Gmail New Feature Multi Forward: Forward Emails in Bulk.

Dealing with many emails is always a problem and when you have multiple emails to forward, it is a very big pain. So this new feature allows you to forward emails in bulk avoiding strain and a fast delivery of messages.

Multi Forward option makes everything simpler especially in the corporate offices. Gmail as of now allows only forwarding one email at a time. This may help avoiding spam but also is a long process to open each and every email to forward it when you have to send multiple emails at once.
Multi Forward for Gmail allows you to select multiple emails from your inbox, click the multi-forward button and send them all out to any number of recipients at once. This feature will be available in all the gmail accounts once it officially rolls out. Users are Looking forward to more features from gmail which will make their work way too easier and simplifies the work.

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