" 5 October 2015 " will be the most historic moments Google

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5 October 2015 will be a moment of the most historic Google - this time further news from news resurrection parent company Alphabet that include several companies and include Google. The news had said that Google's stock will be converted into shares Alphabet, rumored to be held on Monday upcoming (October 5, 2015).
All shares of Google Class A and C shares will be converted into class A and class C Alphabet.  But despite the change of the company but the stock still using the old logo is GOOGL for GOOG's class A and class C. In the quarter 4 2015 financial statements of their company will be two reports, one for financial statements Google and the financial statements for the Alphabet and the company of other children.
At the company's Google itself we already know that Sundar Pichai, who is appointed by Larry Page as the new CEO of Google and Larry Page moved into the CEO Alphabet.  For information, there may still be dizzy what Google's share of class A and class C. In 2012 Google splitting their shares into class A and class C, it was done so that Larry Page and Sergey She can control the company. In the stock class A consists of those who have the voting rights of a company's actions and class C does not have voting rights for it. 

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