WhatsApp shares data with Facebook, adds end-to-end encryption indicator.

Facing stiff competition from competing messaging apps, WhatsApp and Facebook are adding features like video calling, end-to-end encryption indicator, information sharing with Facebook, document sharing among a host of new features.

WhatsApp screenshot
Screenshort by Javier Santos on Google +

 Javier Santos, using his access to the beta builds of WhatsApp has shared some screenshots of the upcoming features from WhatsApp. According to a screenshot shared by Javier Santos on Google Plus, WhatsApp will give you an option to get a notification which tells you that the messages being exchanged are encrypted. WhatsApp might not be the most secure messaging app, but soon, it’ll show you security indicators to remind you that they do encrypt the messages indeed.

 You will also get an option to share your WhatsApp data with Facebook from Account settings. So that Facebook knows who you talk to and how much you talk to them. At the end of the day, data is power especially if you’re a social media company that makes ends meet by selling advertisements. By studying your behaviour and interactions on WhatsApp, Facebook will be able to find out whose posts you’ll be more interested in and thus, optimise the feed to encourage spending more time on the site. And more time spent is more revenue. This isn’t the first time Facebook has gone after your phonebook to learn more about your socialising preferences.

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The Messenger app already asks for your phone number and access to phonebook when you set it up. But as WhatsApp beats the Messenger in terms of reach, Facebook using its recent acquisition — WhatsApp to spread its network of data dredgers. WhatsApp is great for sharing photo and videos, especially in India, since everyone is on it. According to a screenshot shared by Santos, you’ll be able to share documents over WhatsApp. Images, Audio files, Videos and documents will soon be shareable on the popular messaging app. And you’ll also have the option to share that data with Facebook.

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