Google now lets you add a weather info shortcut to your homescreen

Google now offers a handy shortcut to weather info


A new update brings a special feature to Google that will allow you to quickly add a shortcut for weather information. Weather is one of the most frequently searched words today. You'd think that weather apps are enough but some people just search for weather info. With the update, Google will now ask if you want to add a shortcut to your phone's home screen that will quickly take you to the info you need in the future.

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The shortcut will provide access to weather instantly from the home screen. You can say it's a new Google Now weather card so you won't have to search every time you need to know what's the weather going to be in your area. It's not a new app but only a shortcut to a screen that shows the weather in a certain location.

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When you search for weather on Google, it will ask "Access weather instantly from your Home screen". To add a shortcut, choose ‘Add’ and you will see the new Weather icon on your phone's home screen. This means you no longer have to launch Google app again to type and search for the weather. This update on the weather results follows the changes to search results released by Google a couple of months ago.

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